Take Me To The Philippines Video

Apl De Ap: Take Me To The Philippines With Ace Durano

Philippine Department of Tourism Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano and Black Eyed Peas’ member Allan Pineda Lindo (aka Apl.de.ap) recently launched Apl’s new music video and the DOT’s latest tourism campaign “Take Me to the Philippines”.

The launch of Apl’s video “Take U to the Philippines” was part of a three-day Singapore trip of the Philippine media that started on the 26th of September. The trip also focused on “Take Me to the Philippines,” a tourism campaign conceptualized by the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Apl.de.ap, the Filipino-American member of the Grammy Award winning singing group Black Eyed Peas commiserated with millions of Filipinos affected by two back-to-back storms that triggered massive flooding and landslides in 2009, saying a benefit concert he was holding was his way of helping out.

(Two pictures and video below)

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