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Art comes in many forms on Siquijor as it does on a global scale.  Whether in the form of carving, painting, weaving, sculpture, music, etc; art abounds on the island. 


In 2004 I featured Audie O. Estrellada and some of his paintings in the “Around Siquijor” section.  I revisited Audie at his studio in 2005 and again in early 2006.  Though I do not possess a background enabling me to make informed assessments of paintings, I know what I like.  And I derive a great deal of pleasure when viewing his paintings.


During my 2006 visit to the island, I met another painter on the island; Ulysses Andora.  In my opinion, while Audie’s paintings usually fall more in the realism category, Ulysses’s art is that of an impressionistic approach.  Ulysses invited me to an art exhibit that was held in Larena during late April of 2006 which I chose to attend.


The Larena art exhibit also featured the works of Leo M Bomediano.  Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to meet this gentleman during my stay.


The following are some selections of paintings that were on exhibit as well as some that I discovered in Audie’s studio.  I have also included each artist’s profile in this grouping. Please be advised that under the then existing lighting conditions, physical locations, etc. these photos are poor representations of the true appearance and degrades the actual beauty of the paintings. 


To Contact Ulysses Andora: Phone: 0917-314-2803

To Contact Audie Estrellada: Phone: (63) (035) 377-2200 or 0916-311-9336


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Additional Paintings by artist Ulysses Andora


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