Siquijor Festivals

Siquijor Festival Dates

Siquijor Festival dates may vary.  They are usually observed 2 or 3 days prior to the towns's fiesta. 

 * Occasionally they opt for longer celebrations and extend the duration of the festivities. *


   Solili Festival  

(Siquijor, Siquijor)

The Solili Festival is the highlight of the Araw ng Siquijor Charter Day celebration and occurs September 14 to 17. 
   Dila-ab Festival  

(Siquijor, Siquijor)

October 4

Dilaab’ represents the warm hospitality that the island is known for.

The festival also offers recognition to the natural assets of Siquijor and honors the town’s patron saint;

St. Francis of Asisi who was a true nature lover.


   Bugwas Festival  

(San Juan, Siquijor)

August 30 (between August 27 – 30)

The festival is a way of celebrating a bountiful and abundant harvest in honor of their patron saint; St. Augustine.

Bugwas means a spurt of water coming from an underground source, which flows freely in the open ground.

   Canoan Festival  

May 3

The festivities usually begin in late April which include food street festival, street dancing, volleyball

and tennis tournaments, battle of the bands, etc.

   Pamukad Festival  

July 16

Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor

   Saging Festival  

May 15

Lazi, Siquijor

Lazi’s Saging Festival has begun in the past with sport activities beginning on May 8. 

Festivities in the following days have included a Miss Teen Lazi pageant, a variety show, dance competitions, etc.

   Lubi Festival  

May 24

Maria, Siquijor

Maria’s Lubi Festival showcases the value of the coconut tree in daily life and also features local talent.

   Lenten Festival of Herbal Preparation  

San Antonio, Siquijor

Herbal Preparation is done during Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Herbalist from all over the Philippines meet in the town of San Antonio where medical potions are prepared utilizing

ancient traditional methods.It is believed by many that during the time between Good Friday and Easter there are many evil entities not of this world wandering around. The concoctions prepared on Black Saturday are said to not only possess restorative medicinal powers but also are able to ward off evil spirits & sorcery.



   Holy week  

In 2010 Holy Week is March 30 through April 4.

Holy Week on the island is a time of prayer and sacrifice.

It is a time to pause and reflect on their state of spiritual development and to spend quality time with their families.


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