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Siquijor's new leaders want to hasten soci-economic dev’t of the island

By Rizalie A. Calibo

(Philippine Information Agency)

July 8, 2013


SIQUIJOR, July 8 (PIA) --The new leaders of Siquijor outlined their programs and legislative agenda to hasten the process of transformation and fast-tracking socio-economic development in the island province.

Siquijor vice-governor Fernando “Dingdong” Avanzado presented to the Liberal party’s legislative agenda for Siquijor during its oath-taking ceremony on July 1 at the Capital Square, Siquijor, Siquijor.

“Today we officially begin the task of transforming our beloved Siquijor into a vibrant , progressive and sustainable province," he said while admitting that “the role ahead is not easy and there are many challenges along the way.”

He believes that if all work together and set aside personal politics and focus on doing the job required, Siquijodnons can get to where they want to go and achieve great success in no time.

“We have made campaign promises to you our constituents, let me tell you now. We intend to fulfill these promises,” he said.

A priority legislation, he said, is to commission the development of a master plan by local, national or international master planners and approve the same so as to have an orderly and sustainable development of the island province and to make sure that the meager funds are spent wisely for the benefit and welfare of the people.

Another legislation is the conversion of the provincial roads into national highways to remove the burden from the provincial government in its construction and maintenance thereby creating much needed savings for the local government and at the same time hastening socio-economic development.

“As we all know we are a beautiful island, we just need to let the world know that there exist a paradise known as Siquijor,” the singer-actor vice-governor said.

He said Siquijor officials should pay special attention to the multi-trillion dollar wellness medical tourism industry to promote Siquijor as the healing island in Asia and adapt a progressive health care program.

"We must modernize and computerize the hospitals because the hospital is one very important factor that tourist take special notice and consideration in deciding whether to visit, stay or invest in Siquijor," Avanzado noted.

Finally, he said they will pass ordinances or resolutions that shall strengthen the provincial health board, the provincial tourism councils and put more teeth into the tourism and development services including the public information services and the civil defense administration because these are vital tourism concern including peace and order.

“From now on, you expect a 101% total commitment on our part to ensure that we will deliver these and other campaign promises that would lead to the betterment of the lives of each and every Siquijodnon,” Avanzado concluded. (mbcn/RACalibo/PIA7-Siquijor)

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