Siquijor Property Sales

Siquijor Property Sales

The owners of this business have decided to pursue other interests and have chosen to close Siquijor Property Sales.  We thank them for their contribution to the island and wish them well in their future endeavors.

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When I first set foot on the island of Siquijor nearly twenty years ago, I had visions of owning a piece of the white-sand beach, building a house, and living a carefree life that all would envy.  However, I did not have the time to pursue my dream on that trip.  Time passed and I found myself once again on the island that I had seen so many times in my dreams since my last visit.  It was then I learned that an elderly lady who I had met previously had passed away and her small beach lot was now sitting vacant.  After contacting the family of the deceased I was informed that they had sold the land to a foreigner.  However, they were quite upset because they had learned that they could have gotten more money.  I was told that if I would pay them a higher price they would take the property back from the foreigner and sell it to me.  I chose not to get involved.

On another occasion I met with a local gentleman who had a small lot for sale.  After agreeing on the price I asked to see proof of ownership.  On four consecutive days I was promised that I would be shown the papers but I was not.  The seller told me that he had to have the money because he was moving to Mindanao. He assured me that I could trust him, and wanted me to pay him in advance after which he would show me proof of ownership; no thank you.

And, I can’t forget the time that after nearly 3 weeks of painful negotiations I finally reached an agreement on the price of a beautiful piece of property.  It had beautiful palm and fruit trees with a breathtaking view.  However, just in time to save myself from becoming a victim, I discovered that the seller only owned a fraction of the land that he was showing.  I blew half of my vacation on this deal.


I remember hearing on at least three different occasions about foreigners who had purchased land and built beautiful homes only to learn that they did not legally own the land and lost it all.

Horror stories abound when it comes to foreign ownership of land in the Philippines.  Through the years I have personally witnessed dozens of foreigners wasting their time on the island in search of land.  And, I have seen several pay out hard-earned money only to get nothing in return.  The vast majority of the island’s inhabitants are decent and kind people.  But, it only takes a few to create a lot of problems.  Navigating the many property pitfalls is a high-risk experience for most. Ignorance of ownership laws and the overall purchasing procedure account for a lot of the problems that individuals have encountered as well. 

Having said that….for every problem there is a solution.  During my time on the island earlier this year I had the distinct pleasure of meeting two gentlemen (Billy and Geoff) who offer the solution to buying land on the island of Siquijor with their newly-formed business; Siquijor Property Sales. No longer do foreigners have to waste their time on the island searching for available properties and wondering exactly who they are dealing with.  The Siquijor Property Sales team knows Siquijor and can assist you in finding that perfect property to suit your needs.  The professionals at Siquijor Property Sales blend international experience with over 20 years of local knowledge about Siquijor; it’s people, it’s culture and it’s commercial environment.


Prior to your arrival on the island Siquijor Property Sales will provide you with as much detail as they possibly can via e-mail, Skype or phone.  When you e-mail them your message goes directly to them; not to some corporate office where it gets lost in the shuffle and ends up in the hands of some unqualified salesperson.


After your arrival they will personally chauffeur you in an air-conditioned vehicle and show you the available properties first hand.  They only get involved with genuine sellers and have already made certain that they are the true owners of the land. 


Though Geoff and Billy encourage people to get their own independent legal support and advice (they maintain a list of available attorneys), they are willing to offer you suggestions.  Since they actually live on the island their knowledge of the area is extremely valuable.


Siquijor Property Sales offers a truly professional service and their due diligence up front should make for smooth transactions.  They are in this for the long haul and do not want their clients to encounter any hassles.  Their reputation is of the utmost importance to them and they want to avoid any horror stories at all costs. 


I strongly encourage anyone that is interested in owning property on the island of Siquijor to contact them immediately.  You owe it to yourself and you have nothing to lose.

It is with great pleasure that I offer my full endorsement to Siquijor Property Sales.  Tell the Aussie boys that Siquijor Gary sent you; I am sure that you will be treated right.   Contact information for Siquijor Property Sales is listed below.

Very sincerely,

Siquijor Gary



I recently heard some excellent comments about an attorney on the island from a long-time friend.  My friend had to get some legal-work done on some land titles and he happened across an attorney on the island that provided him with prompt and accurate service at a very reasonable price.  I was so impressed that I have decided to post the attorney's name and contact info.

Atty Dindo A. Tumala

Candura, San Juan, Siquijor



Siquijor Gary 05/28/2012


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