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Though I have chosen to call my site "MySiquijor", I am not making any claims of possession. The island belongs to everyone and everything. It belongs to the animals, trees, rocks, water, and all other living things that share this island as a home.

Native Americans lived with, and as part of, nature…respecting all living things and the spirits within them. As a result of this way of life, they did very little damage to the land they lived with. Native Americans lived as a part of their environment, not separated from it. The belief was that we could no more own the land we walk upon than lay claim to the air that we breathe.

Some Australian Aborigines share spiritual beliefs that are derived from a sense of belonging to the land, to the sea, to other people, and to one's culture. An Aboriginal Elder said: "The earth is our provider, our mother. We can't own this land. If anything it owns us".

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A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

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Find a spot and sit there until the grass begins
to push between your thighs.
Climb a tree and learn the gestures of the wind.
Follow the stream to its source and trade speech
for that cold sweet babble.
Gather sticks and spin them into fire: watch the smoke spiral
into darkness; fall asleep dream that the animals find you.
They weave your hair into warm cloth;
string your teeth on necklaces;
wrap your skin soft around their feet.
Wake to the configuration of your own scattered bones
watch them whiten in the sun.
When they have fallen to powder and blown away,
the land will be yours.

Susan Farley

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Some that have visited the island say that Siquijor is:
More than an island paradise
It is a state of mind
It's an attitude
A perspective
A lesson in stress management
A watering hole for the mind and spirit.

I am committed to utilizing's web presence in portraying a true representation of Siquijor's natural beauty to the world.

I am committed to providing Siquijor Provincial as well as Philippine National news and information to tourists and Siquijodnons around the globe.

It is my vision that through the use of appropriate promotion there will be an increase in responsible tourism (Ecotourism), environmental awareness, and investment.

Recognizing that the island's most important resource is its people, aspires to have a positive impact on Siquijor's medical capabilities, educational system, employment rate, and in the preservation of its culture.

It is my belief that the real magic of Siquijor lives within the inhabitants of the island.  The kind and gentle hands, warm smiles, along with welcoming hearts have always made this a truly magical paradise.

I don't need to sell it...only to show it.  It will sell itself.


Siquijor Gary

Take nothing but photographs and memories,

leave nothing but footprints and goodwill,

kill nothing but stress and a little time.

Most people spend a lifetime trying to imagine Paradise,

those that have spent time on the island, don't have that problem.

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