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General Submission Guidelines for
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All pictures submitted to must be:

· Scanned at a minimum of 72 dpi (dots per inch) to a maximum of 300 dpi.· Saved in JPEG format, i.e., with filename extensions of '. JPEG' or '. Jpg' at high quality with very low or no compression.

· No larger than 1,000 KB. Unless it's something really special, it will probably be downsized to 700 - 800 anyway.

· Attached to e-mail, no more than (12) at a time.· reserves the right to rename your files, and to resize and/or crop them, and to manipulate them anyway that we see fit. · Do NOT "zip" or otherwise compress, package, or encode your submissions. If you are submitting from AOL, please submit one file at a time to avoid the automatic "zip" by AOL's mailer. · All photographs should include the date the photograph was taken, the location the photograph was taken, details on the subject, and must include the photographer's name and a valid e-mail address.

· All photos MUST be of Siquijor! I will no longer accept any photos that could have been taken in any location other than Siquijor, Philippines. If your submission is of a human subject(s) or an object(s) be sure that there is a landscape, seascape, tourist attraction, building, etc. of "Siquijor" in the background. This site is privately funded and I reserve the right to refuse any images that I do not see fit due to subject matter, quality, etc.  The use of obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented or any other material that I deem as abusive will not be tolerated on this website.

Legal Requirements
· You grant to the right to edit and/or modify your material in any manner necessary in order to have the material comply with our formatting or publication needs including the generation of cropped or thumbnail images.  All submitted photos become the property of

· You represent that you are at least 18 years of age, or you have reached the legal age of majority under the law of the jurisdiction where you are domiciled.

· does not guarantee, warrant, or imply in any manner that any material submitted will be displayed or the term or duration that any material may be displayed.

· You hereby warrant and represent that all information provided by you, as part of your submission is true, accurate and complete. You agree that all images submitted by you are your original creation or otherwise free for us to use in this purpose. You further agree to indemnify and release of any and all liabilities for any claims, charges, injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by, resulting from or arising out of your submission, or MySiquijor's use of the image(s). Upon receipt of the images, tangible or intangible, become the property of Furthermore, by submitting your image(s) you hereby grant to and/or's designees' any and all intellectual or other property ownership you may have in the image(s).

If you do not agree with all of these legal terms, please do not submit your material.

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